Ferhat Mehenni conference in New York at the event of the kabyle flag raising at the UN

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NEW YORK, USA (SIWEL) — The President of the Provisional Government of Kabylia (Anavad), Ferhat Mehenni, arrived late Friday afternoon in New York, chaired a conference-debate late Saturday at the Ukrainian National Home, before moving on this Sunday to the raising of kabyle official flag in front of the UN headquarters. Below is the full text of the conference of which the subject was: « The independence of Kabylia and the new global geopolitics »

The independence of Kabylia and its geopolitical influence
By Mr. Ferhat MEHENNI

Let the whole world knows it: Kabylia will soon be independent! Her children have decided to move towards the independence of their country. Her people aspire more than ever to use their right to self-determination. The influence of this event on her immediate environment will be outstandingly positive. It will provide, once and for all, the political, economic and social foundations to a most long-lasting stability to the whole of the North African sub-continent, or even beyond.

By affirming this truth, I hear whistling the ambulances panicked sirens of the algerian order and those of its supports who go whirring to the aid of a political body having cancer which they already know that it is condemned. They keep it alive artificially since the fall of Berlin wall. They refuse to unplug it and persist in perfusing it with the tears and the blood of the Algerian peoples who cannot take it and do not want it anymore.

This allows us to pronounce this second sentence: Algeria will collapse, and faster than we believe it. The international community will have to prepare itself for it in order not to be taken by surprise. I say it in all simplicity knowing that I am just few hundreds of meters from the UN headquarters in New York. It will collapse not only because of the aspiration of the kabyle people to their independence, each of the peoples of Algeria aspires to his own destiny, but because of the fact that it lacks a soul: a nation. Let’s repeat it, Algeria is not one, it is not a nation but a mosaic of nations and each one wants to have its free political choice. Either we are Kabyle, Chawi, Mozabite, Gourari, Touareg, from Constantine or from Oran…each one wants to emancipate from the bearers of an identity which is not his one. There are those who dream to turn back into Tunisians or Moroccans and those of whom the choice is to live alone. That is their absolute right. That time was gone when the french colonialism had federated them despite themselves against himself. Once he was officially « defeated », once he handed the State keys over his successor, each one started to review seriously his situation within this monstrous country which made of their freedom and their dignity but just a mouthful.

Well, in order to continue to live all together and form one and same country, it would have that each one negotiates the proposal according to his interests. It was not the case and the reason was! The soldiers had taken the power and any hope to remove them remains a pure delusion so far. Colonialism has replaced another. So, those of the kabyles who still believe or, even worse, make believe that Kabylia will find the solution to her problems within an Algeria of dream are not credible. From two things: either they are naive or dangerous manipulators. Everyone knows that Algeria will collapse from one day to another. If it were not a certain foreign intervention that catches hold of it, we would already live with a new regional geopolitics more stable and less dangerous than the one which makes of her children islamist kamikazes. If it were not this criminal support, each of our peoples would live today his independence freely and proudly. Each one would maintain friendship and brotherhood relations with his international environment.

However, whatever it is, the daughter born from the colonial rape of July 5th, 1830 will die a natural death. So, Kabylia will emerge without any difficulty from the ruins of Algeria in order to prevent the chaos to settle around her. In the fight to death that these two actors have been doing since almost 55 years, it is the reality that will prevail over fiction. Kabylia is the reality and Algeria, the fiction.

Algeria will collapse also because of her defects, either they are congenital or acquired. Oppressive of birth, living from her past in order to better obscure the present and give our future a miss, she has always looked back instead of looking ahead. She favoured the fact to idealize the past than to build a future to her children. She preferred to empower corruption instead of honesty, unearned income instead of work, pressure and suppression instead of respect of the right. Algeria preferred to impose silence rather than to free the speech. She prefers the submission of the citizen to his membership, the identity alienation and the history falsification to the reality of her peoples and their identities, hypocrisy to honesty. She depreciated the political class that she reduced to a puppet position and the opposition to useful idiots one while racketing her entrepreneurs. She has muzzled the press and confiscated the media sector for the sole benefit of the ruling clan. She preferred to waste thousands of billions of dollars came from the oil income than investing in the development, the knowledge and the universities, the fundamental research and the technological innovation. Algeria has willed to make of her citizens simple slaves, a flock of sheep.

It is all this that has always outraged and rebelled Kabylia. She is this cry of freedom which will never die. This is the reason why her independence will be the best guarantee against the chaos which threatens to set in after the predictable collapsing of Algeria. She will know, through her expertise, reorganize everything around her in accordance with her values, with her interests converging with those of a Mediterranean and North African geopolitical environment.

It will be, first of all, her closest geopolitical environment that will impact the advent of the independence of Kabylia. She will firstly reconfigure it by taking a place in it. This will not affect any other country of her immediate neighbourhood if not by the confidence and the serenity that she will establish around her. Thus, Morocco and Tunisia will be the two first countries who will be benefit of it, in terms of security. When we know the hysteria that Algeria imposes with her threats, her aggressive attitude and her inopportune intrusions in the internal affairs of these two countries since 1962, we immediately understand their interest in the arrival of a new partner so friendly as Kabylia and who will have no other ambition except the one of peace and all-out cooperation with them.

The second impact is around the Mediterranean Sea where Kabylia will reinforce the camp of democracies that, so far, Algeria takes on. As opposed to direct her efforts against this camp of freedom, as present Algeria does it, Kabylia will mobilize all her energies for herself, her security and her economic, technological and cultural development that she wants generously share with her neighbours. She will enter into alliance against terrorism but also against despotism which nourishes and exploits it.

Geopolically, the permanent threat that Algeria constitutes on security around her will disappear to make a way to a new actor of peace and an appeaser of tensions between neighbours.

The third impact is african. An independent Kabylia will boost the geopolitical reconfiguration of Africa from the Touareg country to South Africa. The Azawad, Cabinda, the Somaliland, to quote only these, will be the ones who will contribute to peace. For example, she will show the fact that to evolve the african geopolitics is more an opportunity than a threat for the international stability. Africa has been raped, carved up, hacked at the whim of its colonizers fantasies who have made of it an incurable wound so far. The dictatorships to which it was handed over and each one has held its country violently are no more compatible with the current world order, more favourable to freedom than despotism.
She will open the eyes to England and France, main colonizer countries of Africa, on the fact that another african geopolitics is not only desirable and possible but particularly vital for themselves. The geopolitics has never been static. It has kept moving since time immemorial. Willing to fix it for eternity as it was believed to have done after the « decolonization » would be a freeze of the time; this is an impossible domain thing. The african geopolitics is going to change anyway as much by its internal dynamism as by the one of globalization synergies. She is going to change herself, preferably with the will of these two countries. If they are opposed to, it will be done at the expense of what has hitherto been their influence sphere. It would be better for France and England to help an african people seeking to free himself from a country created by colonization than continue to support in a so irresponsible manner the dictatorship which, I do not exaggerate my words, keeps him in slavery! A people that they will help to be free will eternally be grateful to them. A people to whom these two countries would be opposed to their independence would be lost, may be forever for the said influence sphere.

The independence of Kabylia will impact, in the long term the colonization global geopolitics, either it is african or asian one. It will open a process of global reconfiguration where peoples, finally appeased, because accepted and respected, will willingly unite, federate and gather in ever large groups, ever more disposed to cooperation than war, to freedom than dictatorship, to love than hatred.

Allowing Kabylia to build her school, to circulate values through her media and institutions, she will push back the islamist threat. By giving back their freedom to peoples muzzled by the colonial geopolitics, the world would eradicate the terrorism threat and the islamist violence which, today tends to inflate and expands.

Like a fluttering of a butterfly wings, Kabylia independence will end up inspiring the world a dynamic and a soul with which it will be turned into mankind happiness, peace and prosperity.

Kabylia considers that the USA are the country who should more intervene in order to impart the world the way of freedom by highlighting the indomitable principle of the right of peoples to their self-determination. This will prevent so many tragedies, sufferings, tears and blood for peoples and the whole world. If Kabylia is heard, the world will be saved!

New York on October 10th, 2015

Translated into English by Muhend Arezqi

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