The Kabyle national anthem « Ass n Tlelli » (The Freedom day)

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English translation, (Official version : 12 triplets)

A. The anthem Chorus (4 triplets )
Today is The Freedom Day
The Day of the Kabyle Nation
Which stands out among the Nations
All the world is watching us
The podium on which we are hoisted
None is above
If sometimes we stumble
Never we give up
We always triumph
We emerge from the sun
Today and tomorrow we keep us
Always ready to get up

B. The anthem Body (8 triplets )
We’re people of freedom
We’re the light of the eyes
We’re fire and iron
We’re earth and heaven
We’re stars and clearness
We’re opulence and values
We’re bounty and love
We’re middle and extreme
We’re sea and land
We’re desert and flora
The hand never trembles
For peace, always ready to fight
We’re Justice and sword
Our chair is among the illustrious
We strengthen the agreement and concord
We’re hammer and hoe
From science and atoms
In times of war and peace
Our name Kabyle is a fibula
Upon our Amazigh front is colourful
With which we purify the debasement
Stand up to meet us
Our glory has arrived
Today we triumph.

Translated from Kabyle language by D@A,
Pisa, 14th Februry, 2015

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